NewsAn endorsement and request from Roland Gilbert

May 14, 2020by Marc

To whom it may concern: I, Roland Gilbert a citizen of Yavapai County hereby request the voting citizens of District #5 to consider casting your vote for Mary Mallory, running for District Supervisor #5!

Mary is known for her steadfast demeanor, honesty, integrity,fairness An values that we desire in our elected officials! Mary always fights for what is right for her constituents. More and more of our politicians make promises, but never follow through, but that’s not who Mary is!

When Mary commits she goes all in, and is nothing like the good ole boys, because of her values, character and desire to always stay the course an make sound judgmental decisions. Mary will not and can not be swayed to just make a compromise with the good ole boys unless it benefits the District and the community.

Once she commits, she commits! Mary is what the people of Yavapai County need, because we can depend on a really honest and loyal individual that can speak an act for all of us!

If we want to get the job done an get things accomplished, you must get out an vote, for a warrior, and that’s, Mary Mallory!

P. S. We need her leadership, now! Thank you!


Address: 1015 Fair Street, Prescott AZ 86305

Phone:  928-910-5076