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June 11, 2020by Stefanie
Jon Conway
May 25, 2020
To whom it may concern: I, Jon Conway a citizen of Prescott Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona hereby request the citizens of District 5 to consider casting your vote for Mary Mallory, running for District Supervisor #5!
As I sit here on this Memorial Day, I reflect on the sacrifices made by men and women, for our freedoms.
One person I know that takes these sacrifices to heart, is Mary Mallory.   Mary Mallory was influential in starting the Prescott Valley Healing Fields. She has participated in the Bataan Death March Reunion, in  honor of her father. She has served the citizens of Prescott Valley since 2011,first as a council person, now as County Supervisor for District 5. In countless other ways, Mary Mallory has served our community and honored those who committed to preserving our freedoms.
I first met Mary Mallory at a candidate forum for Prescott Valley Town Council, in 2011. After the forum, I approached Mary Mallory and asked her if she had read the Prescott Valley General Plan.   She replied that she had not; thanked me for bringing it to her attention, and she would address any questions I had regarding it, at the next candidates forum. When she didn’t see me at the next candidate forum, she called me to inform me she had read the General Plan and was ready for any questions I had of her. This simple act of reaching out to a person, unknown to her, to answer any questions they may have had of her, was the first example of how serious Mary Mallory took the commitment to serve others.
In the past 9 years, any time I’ve reached out to Mary Mallory, with any question, problem, or concern, she has been diligent in answering questions, or resolving my concerns.
As Mary Mallory has continued her service to the community, as Board of Supervisors District 5, she has continued to work diligently on problems and concerns for people in the community.  Due to her ongoing commitment of serving the people in this community, I am endorsing Mary Mallory, for Board of Supervisors District 5.   Mary Mallory is one of few people that I have known in elected office, who is truly there to serve others.
Jon Conway


Address: 1015 Fair Street, Prescott AZ 86305

Phone:  928-910-5076