NewsMeet Your Prescott Valley Town Council Members : Mary Mallory

January 25, 2020by Stefanie

Since moving to the area in August of 2001, Prescott Valley Councilwoman Mary Mallory has strived to aid her fellow members of the community. Whether assisting people working at Albertsons upon moving to the area or serving on the Prescott Valley Town Council presently, Mallory has helped her town grow and thrive for the last 17 years.

Mary Mallory

Prescott Valley Councilwoman Mary Mallory (Photo by Torrence Dunham / Signals)


Living in Palm Springs, California and working for Albertsons, Mallory and her husband, Kirk, decided to transfer and make the move Arizona as her kids had grown up and left the house. There were three Albertsons in northern Arizona Mallory was looking at: Flagstaff, Prescott and, of course, Prescott Valley.

Mallory recalls being in the area for about a week, visiting all the stores and meeting the managers. The manager at the Prescott Valley Albertsons was clearly impressed with Mallory as she mentioned the manager gave her a call before Mallory even got back to her home from the trip.

“The store manager from the Prescott Valley store had called almost four times to talk to me because she wanted me to come out here,” Mallory said. “She said I have an opening and I’d love to have you move out here.”

Mallory remembers telling the manager she couldn’t possibly move for about 30 days. That didn’t deter the Prescott Valley Albertsons manager as Mallory said the manager told her the job would be held.

“For me, I felt like this was all meant to be,” Mallory said.

Mallory enjoyed her time at the Prescott Valley Albertsons, saying she would have retired there if the location didn’t close down.


Following the attacks on September 11th, 2001, Mallory and her fellow co-workers at Albertsons started making cookies for the troops.

Mallory mentioned she still has hundreds of emails, handwritten letters and flags received from grateful troops. In fact, Mallory said there is a flag that hangs in the Prescott Valley Town Hall that Mallory and her coworkers received from the Air Force.


While sending cookies to the troops, Mallory said she was approached by individuals saying she should run for the Prescott Valley Town Council. At first, Mallory was a bit hesitant due to not having much knowledge serving in public office.

“I’d always seen council members or mayors or things like that, you just don’t think that you’re equipped,” Mallory said. “But I have come to learn that it’s all about a love of country, a passion for a community and (the goal to) build a better community.”

“I was always a customer service operations manager and I see this position that has been given to me by the people as a service to the people,” Mallory continued.


Since being elected to the Prescott Valley Town Council in 2011, Mallory has worked on and been a part of many accomplishments for the town. There is one, however, that stands up above the rest.

In Mallory’s first year on the town council, she brought about the Healing Field of Northern Arizona. Each year during the anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks, thousands of flags are placed at the Prescott Valley Civic Center in remembrance of all who fell during the attack. At the Healing Field of Northern Arizona, there is a flag for each life lost on that tragic day with a bit of information on each.

The Healing Field draws thousands of people from all ages each year.

“When I presented this to the town, into the community, I said this is not a town council event,” Mallory said. “The words I used was I am asking you – the community – to join in with me to build this field, the flags represent never forgetting those that their lives were taken.”

The Healing Field holds a special place in Mallory’s heart as she has two sons in the armed forces, one retired and one still serving.

“We have lost so many soldiers, and the fight continues,” Mallory said. “They’re over there and so we continue to fight for the freedoms that were fought for us…I always say that this field was put together by the people and it was put together for the people. And that’s the way our country was.”


In the future, Mallory would like to continue enhancing Prescott Valley parks, mentioning a lot of work has been done with American Legion Park, but they’re not quite done yet. Mallory said there is a committee and they’ve been working really diligently to continue to moving forward with improvements.

“We’ve got some great grass over there, we’ve got a lot of things done,” Mallory said. “We still want to bring a covering there.”


Mallory is up for election in 2020 and at this point, Mallory says she will indeed run again.

“I’m always wanting to help continue to build a vision that was left behind from others,” Mallory said. “The imprint is there. Things change as the population grows, that could be really driving direction. So what we used to do when we were like at a population of 2000 won’t be the same things that we can do today with our population almost 47,000.”

“I just love what I do,” Mallory continued. “I enjoy people and I enjoy the opportunity that the people have given me to do this.”


Address: 1015 Fair Street, Prescott AZ 86305

Phone:  928-910-5076